Community Empowerment

The program’s objective is to empower communities by promoting a constant exchange of ideas, which allows for a permanent and well-planned transfer of information –recognizing the rich value of popular traditions of local socieites—  enabling them to face complex issues in their communities stemming from violence, discrimination and marginalization. 


The program aims to expand on the human rights guaranteed to boys, girls and teenagers –vulnerable victims to violence and lack of education—through widespread accessibility to education and the channeling of efforts from government entities, community organizations and cooperation agencies to face this issue.


The program is geared towards building infrastructure projects aiming to cover the needs of vulnerable infrastructure projects aiming to cover the needs of vulnerable and relocated populations in distinct parts of each country. Dextro has developed a diverse portfolio of public works such as classrooms, community kitchens, health centers, bio-waste management (dry restrooms, self-sustaining restrooms), public forums, clean water distribution points (sun- and wind-powered), among others.

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Dextro manages the necessary resources for each project’s implementation, guaranteeing each task will be undertaken efficiently and according to standing accountable, fiscal and contracting legislation.

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