Dextro manages the necessary resources for each project’s implementation, guaranteeing each task will be undertaken efficiently and according to standing accountable, fiscal and contracting legislation.

Through the administrative and financial area, Dextro supports international cooperation organizations, and private and public entities in the proper management and accounting of resources destined for different partners for the implementation of social projects, the project’s operations in compliance with standing tributary legislation.

Dextro works through:

Technical assistance on issues associated with administrative and accountable management of resources destined for the projects in fields such as banking, bookkeeping and law, in resource-management matters such as personnel hiring, acquisition of goods and services, purchases, among others.​


Training for partners and contractors regarding bookkeeping and administrative issues for the development of project activities.

Expense monitoring in a mutually agreed cost center for the project, along with payment for partners, contractors and suppliers.

Dextro processes airline ticket issuances and costs associated with food, lodging and transportation by settling travel expenses.

Dextro renders financial reports according to the dates and formats agreed upon by our financing partners.

Dextro guarantees:

An organizational structure consolidated around an efficient, effective and reliable resource operation in the development of projects benefitting vulnerable populations.

Expertise in the formulation of alternatives for guaranteeing viability in executing ground activities, through different mechanisms that allow the legalization of resources.

Legal expertise for drafting contracts on different subject matters to expedite the execution of the administered projects.

An accounting system adapted to the needs of our financers, in terms of resource execution, that allows for an independent cost center for each project.

Dialogue capacity with local actors for bidding processes made according to the dispositions of the financing partner, guaranteeing transparency, opportunness and sufficiency of the selected suppliers.

An interdisciplinary team composed of accountants, lawyers, business managers and operational technicians assigned to fulfill the requirements for the implementation of each project, with versatility that adapts to changing conditions and vast experience that will allow them to sort through each management and accounting situation.

Dextro develops operational and administrative support for each project’s implementation.



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